Love And Love Only

Love And Love Only

"Love and Love Only" is a cross-cultural romantic drama between a working class Australian girl and an International student from India, set in contemporary Australia.
The music and songs for the film is composed by the World's most prolific film composer Ilaiyaraaja, making this the first English film with his original songs and the complete score.
Here is what reviewers and our audiences say

"...the universal approach of this film, just like many other jewels of cinema, has the power of making us recall the essence of the depicted relationships and their meaning in real life...Love, oh, love. Only through the true love for the cinema, the love on the screen works as well. This time it has worked perfectly." Galina Maksimovic, Serbia

"For those who love light hearted meaningful romance, Love and Love only would be an enjoyable watch. If you are seeking a movie with some soul stirring music then this is surely the movie for you. Cuddle up with a loved one, sip that warm coffee and soak yourself in this brilliant cross culture film that’s definitely worth a watch." Ramya Abhinand, India

"...The screenplay is to the point and seamless and doesn’t make you bored. You won’t see any unwanted scene or movie time in the film, as everything is properly managed and executed. I was completely hooked up to every scene and the movie has the ability to keep its viewers engaged...Will I recommend the movie ‘Love & Love Only’? Definitely! The movie is shot well and clean. The locations are beautiful and simple, the music and background score are spot on and the story unravels the true struggles of an Indian who studies abroad unlike the easy life which our movies usually depict." Amreen Shaikh, India

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Love And Love Only

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